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We're working hard to keep everyone safe!


We hope that you and those around you remain safe. We are privileged to have you as a client and even during this unprecedented situation we are working hard to continue to serve you with the same professionalism that you are accustomed to experiencing. We are held to a very high level of sanitation and sterilization by our State Board and we will continue to follow those protocols. All surfaces are continuously cleaned throughout the work day. All capes, towels, styling implements and any items used to serve clients are cleaned and sanitized after each use. We as service providers are required to wear a mask/face covering and we also require all clients to wear a mask/face covering while in our salon and spa, this is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable while spending time with us, it is required for us to be able to remain open for business. All clients are to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering. We request that only clients being serviced to come into the salon or spa, unless the client requires an aide. We are a contact business; however, we take every precaution to maintain safe social distancing. Seperating stying stations with a physical barrier where necessary. Our single goal is to provide you with a complete range of beauty services including hair, skin, body and nail care in a safe and luxurious environment.


At Peter's, we are proud of our dynamic team of beauty professionals. Our stylists, estheticians and beauty therapists have had countless hours of international experience, with numerous awards to prove their proficiency. It is our hope that your time with us will be the most satisfying salon and spa experience you will encounter.

We want all of our guests to come away feeling relaxed and renewed. To this end, we are here to serve your every need, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Enjoy your spa experience.

Michael & Carol Thiel

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